By Aaron Shaver


Reese and Emma are a young couple struggling to make ends meet and raise a 4 year old. They've got a lot of love ...but love doesn't pay the bills. Things only get worse when their house is burned to the ground in what appears to be an attempted robbery.


But, when Reese asks his dad for help and a place for his family to stay, his dad tells him to run. Something darker is coming. Reese learns that trolls are real. The Norse legends ...the scourge of Vikings ...ugly, giant trolls are real. And, they want something that belongs to Reese's family.

Reese and Emma have to flee and figure out what the trolls are after before this feud between man and monster destroys them.

This book is a supernatural tale set in the modern world. I wanted to write something for fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, but include the nuance and struggles of adult life – paying bills, love in a marriage…how a great story can be found in everyday life.

There are several questions about family found here – does your family determine who you are or who you will be? What happens when family secrets or “the sins of the father” come back to haunt us? How do you react when you realize that part of your story has already been written by those that came before you – and it’s not the story you want? This book also a fast-paced thriller with 15 foot snarling trolls – so, I want the audience to enjoy the roller coaster ride as well!