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A Notorious man.jpg

A notorious Man

A Short Story

The burnt orange GTO speeds down the dirt road, engine growling, tires spinning through the turns, furiously racing away from its own shadow in the midday Mexican sun. Buzzards picking over a bloodied meal scatter from the road just in time leaving a flurry of ink black feathers to catch the grill of the vintage muscle car. Destination is on the left. The driver jerks the wheel.  He stomps the brake bringing the machine to a sliding halt at the entrance to the tequila dive bar with no name...

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CANVA COVER - In Defense of  Berserkers.png

In Defense of Berserkers

To the Honorable Review Committee
Langston University
Department of Humanities
441 Redbud Lane
Chase, England, UK

Regarding the Link Between Humans and Berserkers

    Let me first say that a clear and calm examination of the historical record will vindicate my work and put to shame any detractors. There are many among the scholarly community of anthropologists and those, like myself, who engage in the natural sciences that have sadly gone astray when it comes to the subject of what some call Viking lore...

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a Run through the woods.jpg

Monsters don't care if you believe

A Short Story

Norway 1905; Fog clings to the wooded hills like a blanket and hides the girl fleeing through the forest.  She races between trees, dodging fallen tree limbs and praying the monster won’t find her. She tries telling herself the monsters aren’t real. But, she’s lived almost seventeen years on this earth and that’s long enough to know the truth: unlike gods, monsters don’t care if you believe or not...


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Story Prompts

One of my favorite things to do is to daydream about story ideas.  Sometimes it's just a fun exercise where I get to use my movie announcer voice..."IN A WORLD WHERE MONSTERS HAVE TAKEN OVER AND HUMANS ARE ON THE RUN..." And other times it's a certain song, an abandoned house, or long winding road I pass on the way to work that just begs for a good story to be told. These stories are all around us. But just what are the elements of a good story? How do we recognize those elements? Subscribe to The Gentleman Bard on YouTube as we explore these things together. And get creative with your own stories with these prompts below. I'll also be posting these on Instagram where we can tell stories together.  Stay tuned.  I'll be here, ready to show you how the power of story is already shaping your world.

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